was sculptured and hand-embroidered with

crochet threads and original stitches

that I invented to add depth and texture.

The metallic gold and silver paints add to the elegant aura.

The artwork is a tapestry of Jerusalem's famous landmarks,

that reside in the colorful Jerusalem Gate.

I included the Windmill, the Migdal David,

and the remaining arch of the Churva Synagogue.

One can't miss the colorful Kotel, which absorbs

the prayers and emotions from the people of all the colors of the spectrum.

The picture includes many typical Jerusalem architectural motives.

You can find ascending and descending steps,

stone walls, gates, pine trees, and cozy homes in the Old City.

The bright and elegant color combinations

emphasize the beauty of Jerusalem's architecture.

They give a relaxed and inviting atmosphere to every living room.

The masterpiece is 175x98 cm, was created in 2017,

and has a hand-embroidered signature from the artist.

Bring Jerusalem into your Home!

Every home needs a Rekem!


The Jerusalem Gate-Unmounted Rolled Archival Print



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Bracha Sorotzkin