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A B O U T   b r a c h a 

Rekem Hand Embroidered Judaica Wall Hangings

The  Rekem Collection

of hand embroidered wall art, are designed

and embroidered with love and passion

by Bracha Sorotzkin.

The artist,

Who has a rich history and portfolio in design,

and 35 years of experience 

of teaching Visual Communication in her own schools,

embodies the life, the history

and the art of Jerusalem in her works.

She incorporates materials as  

lace, suede, silk, leather, and velvet,

with gold beads and Swarovski stones.

She sculptures her artwork

with crochet chains and unique stitches,

and manages to create a special effect of depth.

Her elegant color combinations

blend in and enrich every prestigious living room.

Her favorite themes are

Jerusalem and Judaica objects.

She also enjoys working with her favorite

Psukim of the Psalms.

Her line in the people gallery conveys the happiness

and innocence of the Jerusalem scenery.

Her designs

are simple, modern, elegant

and frequently humorous or peppered with chutzpa.

The collection is created with lots of detail and precision.     

Most of her creations can be found as a series

that look nice as a set.

Each piece of art is one-of-a-kind,

and has a hand-embroidered signature from the artist.

Costume designs

And for those who require a personal touch,

orders for costume designs and color themes are accepted.

A   H O M E    N E E D S   A   R E K E M .

Bracha Sorotzkin signature





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