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was sculptured and hand-embroidered

with compassion, fun, and spunk in 2019.

I added gold beads, lace, and Swarovski stones to give its elegant texture.

The Chalmer couples inspired these innocent,

friendly, and charming characters.

Although they only meet for a few hours before their significant commitment,

yet they live very happily together.

The colors are bright.

The colorful hair of the Chatan is a trademark of the Chalmer family.

It portrays the creative blood with the colors of the rainbow,

which flows in their veins.

The Kalla's crown is colorful, too, but with pastel colors.

The creation will serve as an excellent conversation piece

and a beautiful wedding gift.

The masterpiece is 35x35 cm.

Every Home Needs a Rekem!

COLORED BRIDE AND GROOM-Rolled Unmounted Canvas-Archival Print

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