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was sculptured and embroidered with crochet threads in 2018.

I added Gold beads, metal paint, velvet,

and metallic materials to give its regal texture.

The creation's bright, elegant, vibrant colors of copper, pink,

brown, purple, and maroon

convey the beauty of Jerusalem architecture.

I have always been inspired and fascinated

with the steps of Naama Kitov-Nothmann,

one of my first art mentors, in her Jerusalem paintings.

I use my stairs as a significant element in my design

and play with ascending and descending staircases.

Their fascinating directions adds a lot of motion

and excitement felt when strolling through the Jerusalem streets.

The masterpiece is 63.5x

and is a set of JERUSALEM STEPS-3.

It has a hand-embroidered signature from the artist.

Bring Jerusalem into your Home!

JERUSALEM STEPS-2-Mounted Stretched Canvas-60x60-Archival Print

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