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was sculptured and hand-embroidered with passion and

crochet threads in 2016.

I added gold beads to give its rich texture.

King David was buried in the Migdal David- The David Citadel.

Many people come there to recite the Psalms, which he sang on his violin.

These are the most famous prayers said in times of need

and in times that we convey happiness and thanks to G-D.

The bright orange, yellow and brown colors

convey the beauty of Jerusalem architecture.

They give a relaxed and inviting atmosphere to every living room.

It is one of a set of two which includes

Mini Jerusalem-Omar and Mini Jerusalem -Migdal David.

Both items are purchased together.

Separate items can be custom made

by contacting the artist for a particular order.

The masterpiece is 36x36 cm

and has a hand-embroidered signature from the artist.

Every Home needs a Rekem!

MINI JERUSALEM-MIGDAL-The Original Hand Embroidered Artwork-35x36cm

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