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was sculptured and hand-embroidered with crochet threads,

gold metallic paint, and lace in 2018.

The Citadel of David is where King David,

the author of the Psalms, lays at rest.

The Psalms were sung by king David mostly with his violin.

The bright, elegant purples, maroons, and blues of this landmark

convey the prayers said in times of need

and songs of thanks in times of tranquility and abundance.

It is one in a set of five- PARTS-OMAR, PARTS-KOTEL, PARTS-WINDMILL,


The set of five PARTS pictures include the details of the landmark,

portrayed in a grid on the side of each artwork.

The five artworks together create a sequence of the colors of the rainbow.

The masterpiece is 62x62 cm

and has a hand-embroidered signature from the artist.

Bring Jerusalem into your Home!

PARTS-MIGDAL-Unmounted Rolled Canvas-45x45-Archival Print

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