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PINK KOSS-The Original Hand Embroidered Artwork-39x53cm

  • I sculptured and hand-embroidered

    THE PINK KOSS, with crocheted threads

    and wooden beads in 2016.

    The vibrant pink and brown colors will infuse elegance into every living room.

    The Kiddush is said over the wine,

    with the Koss-the Kiddush cup at the beginning

    of the delicious Shabbat meal.

    The "Koss Shell Bracha"- symbolizes

    the overflowing bounty, prosperity, and success.

    This picture is one of a set of three: PINK KOSS, PINK CANDLES, and PINK MEZUZA.

    We recommend buying all of them together.

    It is possible to order separate items by contacting the artist for a particular order.

    Each masterpiece is 40x53 cm

    and has an embroidered signature from the artist.

    Every home needs a Rekem!


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