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JERUSALEM PANORAMA-The Original Hand Embroidered Artwork-53x193cm

  • Bring Jerusalem into your home!


    was sculptured and hand-embroidered with love, passion

    and crochet threads in 2017.

    I incorporated Swarovski stones and copper paint

    to give it its elegant texture.

    The Jerusalem Panorama portrays the excitement

    of a pleasant stroll in some famous neighborhoods

    and landmarks of Jerusalem.

    We begin at the Windmill

    with the adjacent architecture of Yemin Moshe.

    We move on to the Migdal David-The David Citadel,

    where King David lays buried.

    Our next stop is the ruins of the Churva Synagogue

    with its surrounding houses in the Old City.

    Next, we visit Omar with its surrounding Mosques.

    At last, we arrive at Kotel, which contains all the colors.

    The Wailing Wall absorbs all the heartful prayers

    and tears of the people of all colors of the spectrum.

    The picture itself follows the colors of the rainbow.

    The masterpiece is 195x95 cm

    and is hand embroidered signed by the artist.

    Every home needs a REKEM!


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