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HODAYA-YELLOW-The Original Hand Embroidered Artwork-60x60cm


    Bring Psukim into your Home!

    I sculptured and hand-embroidered


     – Verses of Praise and Thanks from the Psalms,

    with love and thankfulness in 2016.

    I added many Swarovski stones and gold beads

    to create its elegant texture.

    These artworks are reminders

    never to stop to thank G-d for his miracles and bounty.

    As a result, the house gets filled with happiness and blessings.

    The picture is bright yellow and blue peppered with gold and brown.

    It is one of a set of three Psukim of thanks,

    which includes HODAYA- YELLOW, and HODAYA-GREEN.

    Separate items can be custom made

    by contacting the artist for a particular order.

    The masterpiece is 60x60 cm and

    has a hand-embroidered signature from the artist.

    A Home needs a Rekem!

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