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THE KIDUSH MAN-The Original Hand Embroidered Art Work-56x70cm


    was sculptured and hand-embroidered with love and crochet threads in 2016.

    I combined gold beads, lace, velvet, suede, and silk to create its unique texture.

    We recite the Kiddush at the beginning of the delicious Shabbat meal.

    We stress in the Kiddush that G-d created the world in six days

    and rested and blessed the seventh.

    Therefore we too rest on the seventh day-Shabbat.

    The aroma of all the Shabbat delicacies

    intensifies with the lovely view of Jerusalem,

    G-d's beautiful creation.

    The masterpiece is 56x70 cm

    and has a hand-embroidered signature from the artist.

    Bring Jerusalem into your Home!

    Every Home Needs a Rekem!


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